Account Based Marketing and Sales

Designing programs that scale

ABMS is about marketing and sales teams working closely together to execute a coordinated engagement program targeting a limited number of named accounts.

However, efficiency and speed in ABMS demands a common, foundational understanding of target personas within the selected group of accounts.

We are experts in developing the necessary customer and persona Insights. model value propositions, messaging and materials to power and scale ABMS programs.

Plan account-specific interactions

Our marketing and sales experts develop ideas for interactions and account plays that move different decision makers and influencers through the buying process.

Customizable communications

While communications must be specific to the account and individual concerned, what you don’t want to end up doing in ABMS is creating every email, slide deck and document from scratch.

BPM helps companies scale ABMS programs and improve efficiency with communication templates that can easily and quickly be tailored by sales people for specific accounts.

"The approach was outstanding. Great result."

Marketing Manager, London, Global Business Information Group