Account Based Marketing and Sales

Insights to power programs

While ABMS is about marketing and selling to small groups of similar customers and tailoring messages to individual accounts, you don’t want to start each communication with a blank sheet of paper.

Creating a library of the challenges and opportunities customers are likely to face linked to the solutions you offer, delivers huge advantages in terms of speed and efficiency.

We are experts in developing the necessary customer and persona insights, model value propositions, and messaging using our structured Proposition Mapping™ process.

Account plays

Our marketing and sales experts develop ideas for interactions and account plays that move different decision makers and influencers through the buying process.

Digital playbooks

Digital playbooks built in HTML5 are a perfect way to put the account plays and customizable emails, decks and documents you’ve built for the ABMS program, into the hands of sales people.

We have radically reduced the cost of producing these with our Messaging Workbench™ CMS and Digital Playbook app.

"The approach was outstanding. Great result."

Marketing Manager, London, Global Business Information Group

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