Content Development System

Solve the insights capture and message creation challenge

Leverage a platform and tools specifically designed to power insight-based selling.

You know the problem. You’ve bought into insight and value based selling, you’ve had your sales team trained, there’s just one thing missing – the insights and messages to power the program!

1. Messaging Workbench™ platform

A platform and tools for the systematic development of customer insights and messaging to power insight-based selling.

2. Proposition Mapping™ process

The process marketing professionals use to work efficiently with stakeholders to capture customer insights, test them, and develop value messaging.

3. Implementation Services

Support from our professional team to get you up and running quickly.

Proposition Mapping™

The standard configuration of the Messaging Workbench has workflows that marketing professionals use to work with sales, product management and other stakeholders to develop content for insight and value based sales programs.

We call this Proposition Mapping™.

The process has been proven to be effective and efficient on hundreds of messaging projects with companies of all sizes, over more than 10 years.

A licence to use this process is included with the Messaging Workbench. If you already have your own insights and messaging process the workflows in the Workbench can be configured to support this.

If you’d like to learn more about the options available please use the form below to set up an exploratory call.

Implementation Services

The right professional support is critical to the success of any sales enablement program.

At BPM we don’t want to just sell you a platform, we want to give you whatever level of support you require to get a solution in, running and delivering value.

We can provide any or all of the following, you tell us what you need:

  • Solution implementation (goes without saying)
  • Support adopting the Proposition Mapping process for insights capture and messaging development
  • Expert professionals to run insights and messaging sessions with stakeholders
  • Turnkey insights and messaging development projects
  • Development of sales content and tools

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Get a demo

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