Customer and Persona Insights

Go-to-market messaging built on a foundation of customer knowledge

Understanding the forces driving change in markets, and the opportunities and challenges faced by customers, is the foundation for effective messaging.

Our seasoned team of experts brings extensive knowledge of customer personas and workflows in the industries we cover.

Input across the team

Getting the right input from subject matter experts has moved from important to critical, as companies shift from talking about what products do, to focusing on customer challenges and how to solve them.

We use a structured approach and our Messaging Workbench™ platform to efficiently capture insights from stakeholders across functional silos and disparate offices.

Validation with customers

When you’re thinking about markets or simply want to validate long held views on customers and why they buy your solutions, you need to talk to customers and prospects.

Our consultants are experienced in conducting in-depth conversations with customers about their business processes and challenges, and how they see value.

"Leveraging BPM’s process and industry knowledge to think about the customer and the opportunity got the whole team on the same page. Then testing our internal view in interviews with customers really helped us position our proposition."

Business Manager, New York, Global Technology Company

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