Developing Great Content for Inbound Marketing

The Inbound Challenge

The challenge the Inbound approach creates for marketing professionals is they have to create content that looks to inform and advise but still grabs the attention of readers.

This presents a particularly high bar in some industries where the challenges companies face are complex, the concepts may be arcane and buyers may be highly sophisticated. Banking, Capital Markets and Asset Management are good examples.

The task of creating Inbound content can look daunting – where do you start? Take a look at the 11 Step Guide we’ve produced and start creating great Inbound content today.

Are you putting the right process and resources in place to create truly great content?

5 questions to ask yourself...
Have we done the groundwork on customer segments, target buyer or user personas – and their workflows?
Who is going to write the content, and what sources of knowledge will they draw on?
Do we have a deep understanding of the markets our customers operate in and the business challenges or opportunities they face?
How are we going to test our thinking – by talking to real customers?
Have we put a program in place and documented our process for building great content?
What’s your Inbound Content Score? Download our Checklist and see how you rate.