Digital Playbooks

We have a software development kit (SDK) for the rapid prototyping and creation of Digital Playbooks that deliver just-in-time learning directly to sales people at the relevant point in the sales process.
We create playbooks in HTML5 to deliver an interactive and compelling experience that sales people can access on their laptop, tablet or smart phone.
The Messaging Workbench™ is used to speed up the process, making use of existing ideas, insights and messages where these are available.
And you can publish final content from the Messaging Workbench™ directly to a playbook to deliver a finished, fully working HTML5 app at a fraction of the cost associated with conventional development approaches.
Click on the image below for a quick introduction to an example Digital Playbook…

On-demand learning

As learning preferences shift from accumulating and storing knowledge to accessing learning on-demand when it’s needed, sales tools have to adapt to stay relevant.

Sales people are looking for information and guidance that’s relevant to the task in hand.

  • That’s why today’s sales tools are built as playbooks constructed around the sales process to deliver the right knowledge and instruction at the moment the sales person needs it

What's relevant to me

In the digital age everyone is overloaded with information.

Sales people need to be able to quickly jump to the right type of information and filter it so they can focus on what’s relevant to them at that moment.

  • With HTML5, Digital Playbooks can be highly interactive allowing users to expand and contract content, and filter by Industry and Persona, for example

A place to prepare your thinking

Where does a sales person go to capture insights and ideas for a call and develop the key points they want to make at the next customer meeting?

  • With a BPM Digital Playbook a sales person can filter and browse information presented in the playbook, select relevant ideas, insights, questions, points of differentiation etc. and send these to their Deal Blotter
  • In the Deal Blotter they edit and add to the selected content to build up their thinking in advance of a call or meeting
  • They can then access these notes on their smart phone for a last minute refresher or update


But how do you work with colleagues in a structured way to prepare for customer interactions?

  • Access to the Deal Blotter can be shared with other members of the team working on a particular opportunity
  • This supports in-depth collaboration through the sales process, over what to ask, say and show for an individual deal

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