Digital Playbook app

Get armed for value-based selling

Equip sales people with the insights, guidance, messages, and materials to add more value in their conversations.

Built to be interactive and accessible on laptop, tablet and smart phone*, the Digital Playbook is designed to become an integral part of a sales person’s daily workflow.

And it works online and offline, delivering critical knowledge and preparation tools wherever you are.

*Runs on Mac OS, iOS, Android and Windows

  • Dial-in the industry and persona for your next call
  • Prepare insights, questions and messages for the individual opportunity
  • Share your thinking with others working on the deal
  • Use your preparation to have more valuable and impactful conversations

Prepare more effectively at each step in the sales process.

The Digital Playbook app features a unique tool, called the Deal Blotter, which enables sales people to prepare ideas, insights and messages for individual calls and meetings.

Scroll down to see how this works.

Move your mouse (or tap with a finger) on the camera icons in the diagram below to select a sales stage, then click the video below to see a Digital Playbook in action. Don’t forget to take a look at the Deal Blotter video!

Video 01: Get Ready

Insights on-demand.

As learning preferences shift from accumulating and storing knowledge to accessing information on-demand, sales tools have to adapt to stay relevant.

That’s why BPM Digital Playbooks are configured to reflect your sales process, delivering the right knowledge and guidance for the next step in the sale.

Set the dials for your next call.

In the digital age everyone is overloaded with information. Sales people have to focus on what’s relevant for the deal they’re working on, to be efficient.

The Digital Playbook app is highly interactive, allowing users to set the Industry and Persona (for example) and only see what’s relevant to the current opportunity.

Prepare your thinking using the Deal Blotter.

Insights, guidance and messages are in documents, and customer information is in the CRM system. There are no tools that enable sales people to prepare in a structured way for calls and meetings.

The Digital Playbook app from BPM has a unique feature called the Deal Blotter. This digital notepad allows sales people to select the best insights and messages from the pages of the Playbook and add their own ideas and notes, as they prepare for a call or meeting for a specific opportunity.

Add coaching and collaboration to the sales rhythm.

Sales managers are expected to become more effective coaches.

Whatever a sales person has in the Deal Blotter for a particular opportunity is synchronized back to the cloud. This means not only can they view what they have in the Deal Blotter on any device, but other members of the team can also see and contribute to the thinking on the deal.

Critically, sales managers can view the Deal Blotters of their team members to get a window onto the way they are preparing for important customer interactions – making it a great tool for coaching.

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