Digital Sales Enablement

White Paper

Where the market is headed, new approaches and latest technologies

Challenges companies are facing...

  • Customers expect more from their conversations with sales people – so the need for knowledge has never been greater
  • Sales people won’t take class room training or do eLearning any more
  • There’s so much information for people to consume they can’t possibly read it all
  • It’s no longer about the sales hero closing the deal on their own – selling is a team sport

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Topics discussed:

  • Just-in-time learning and guided selling
  • How to avoid overloading sales people with information
  • Where digital technologies can help
  • Digital playbooks and HTML5
  • Using artificial intelligence to connect sales people to the right content
  • How to get sales people to prepare before calls and meetings
  • Supporting better collaboration through the sales process


Robin Griffiths – Managing Director and Founder of BPM Works

David Keane – CEO and Founder of Bigtincan