Digital Sales Enablement Solutions

Every sales journey starts with a good conversation

Digital Sales Enablement holds out the promise to revolutionize the way companies equip sales people with the insights, messages and guidance to pivot customer conversations from products to value.

Drive new sales behaviors


Guides the sales person through a best practice sales process, using the content and methods that are known to accelerate sales.

Provides interactive tools that make it easy to prepare for calls and meetings and have more impactful customer conversations.

Accelerate content creation

Enables subject matter experts across the enterprise to work together efficiently to capture knowledge and guidance.

Makes it easy to finalize insights, questions, messages etc. and publish content to the Digital Playbook.


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Here's how it works...


Stakeholders from product management, marketing and sales work together to capture and develop the textual content for the Playbook: customer insights, questions to ask, value propositions, elevators, points of differentiation, etc.

Messaging Workbench enables people from different offices to collaborate in real-time.

Content published
to Playbook via
web service
distributed as
HTML5 app
Sales team collaboration
Unique Deal Blotter feature for meeting prep
Integrates with SEP
and CRM systems

Critically we’ve addressed the issue of cost

The textual content for Digital Playbooks is developed using the Messaging Workbench™ CMS (content management system), which speeds up the capture of insights, messages and guidance from experts across the enterprise.

Final content is then published directly from the Messaging Workbench to the Digital Playbook app, delivering a finished, fully working HTML5 sales tool at a fraction of the cost associated with custom development approaches.

Challenges solved and opportunities enabled

Explore how Digital Playbooks deliver value along the sales process...

Equipping sales people to sell outside their comfort zone
With a Digital Playbook
  • Learn about different personas, what makes them tick and the challenges they typically face
  • Sell to the people who own the business problem

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