Implementing Personas in Capital Markets

Cloud Platform for Insights and Messaging

Capturing the necessary insights to inform sales people means running sessions to get input from a wide range of busy subject matter experts across your organization. Trying to do this using just flip charts and sticky notes to capture output is inefficient and can only work if you get people together into a room.

With this in mind, marketing leaders are starting to look at cloud based platforms to help their teams work with product managers, sales leaders and others across the business to capture market, customer and persona insights and develop messaging to power sales conversations.

BPM offers a fully managed cloud solution for customers. The Messaging Workbench™ enables companies to capture market, customer and persona insights and develop powerful and targeted go-to-market messaging. And you can generate ready-to-use sales tools directly from the Messaging Workbench at the click of a button.

The platform has an API so you can also power digital publishing solutions and sales asset management systems directly with content from the Messaging Workbench.

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