Messaging Workbench™

Fire up your insights and messaging

Develop the content sales people need to be more effective.

The Messaging Workbench™ is a content development platform designed specifically to support the efficient capture and updating of the insights and messages required to drive value-based selling.

  • Engage knowledgeable people to get the most valuable input across the business
  • Capture and develop ideas, insights and messages in real-time
  • Publish live content to Digital Playbooks at the click of a button
  • Update content easily as you get feedback from the field, markets change, and products evolve

Work collaboratively and at pace.

Accessed as a cloud service, the Messaging Workbench enables stakeholder teams across product management, marketing and sales to work together to capture insights and develop value messages with a laser focus on the customer.

It’s 100% configurable so you get a set of workflows tuned to meet the individual needs of your business and there’s total flexibility to support the capture of any type of textual content.

Market segments, customer personas, products, competitors, and more are configured to allow you to capture and organize insights and messages to align precisely with the segmentation used at your company.

Capture insights from your highest performers.

Getting input from the most knowledgeable people across the business is a challenge.

The Messaging Workbench is a cloud platform that enables people from sales, product management, marketing and professional services to work closely together to capture market and customer insights.

Fields can be added or adapted as necessary to capture the exact insights your business needs to drive more valuable customer conversations.

Develop the right value messages.

Creating value propositions and other sales messages can be hit or miss – there’s no repeatable approach.

The Workbench brings structure to the messaging development process; helping teams produce value propositions at the persona level, with a laser focus on the customer and their challenges.

Share messaging outputs at the click of a button.

Deciphering workshop output captured on flip charts and sticky notes and writing it up takes ages.

With the Workbench you capture and agree insights and messages as workshops proceed. Then, after some offline editing and tuning, you can automatically generate Word documents and PowerPoint presentations to share the results across the business.

Publish content to Digital Playbooks.

Getting insights, guidance and sales messages into some sort of deliverable that actually gets used by sales people is the hard part.

You use the Messaging Workbench to assemble and tune the insights, messages and guidance you want sales people to use at each step in the sales process – for the different industries and personas they sell to.

Then add links to sales materials, again by step in the sales process, industry and persona.

Finally publish content to your Digital Playbook at the click of a button. Updating content is quick and easy.

Built on .NET and running in the Microsoft Azure cloud, the Messaging Workbench has a 10 year track record of reliable operation serving some of the world’s largest companies.

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