Messaging Workbench™

The Messaging Workbench™ is the cloud platform we use for working collaboratively with clients to capture customer insights, develop go-to-market messages and build marketing content and sales tools.
It's 100% configurable so each customer has a set of workflows tuned to meet the individual needs of their Business.
There is also complete flexibility in the Workbench to set up market segments, customer personas, products, competitors etc. to allow you to capture insights and develop messaging at the level of granularity that makes sense for your Company.

Insights capture

  • Allows teams from multiple offices across product management, sales, marketing and professional services to collaborate in real-time on the capture of market and customer insights
  • Fields for capturing information can be added or adapted as necessary to capture the right information at the right level of detail
  • Ensures input is gathered from a wide range of stakeholders to get a balanced and considered view
  • Supports the capture of feedback from customers to validate internal thinking

Messaging development

  • Helps bring structure to messaging workshops to ensure multidisciplinary teams stay focused on customers and the challenges they face
  • Allows people in different locations to see output from other team members as it’s being captured to facilitate discussion and alignment
  • Streamlines and speeds up the process

Sales tools and marketing materials creation

  • Brings discipline and efficiency to the writing of content for end deliverables
  • Ensures message consistency across different outputs
  • Automatically generates Word documents to share final copy for externally facing materials with creative teams
  • Auto-generates sales tools in PowerPoint / Word / PDF

Automated Digital Playbook Creation

  • BPM sales enablement experts work with customers to develop the right playbook design for the sales team and proposition in question
  • Messaging Workbench configured for the development of the required content
  • Teams select and adapt ideas, insights, questions, messages etc. from Workbench database where possible
  • Automated publishing of finalized content to playbook

Built on .NET and running in the Microsoft Azure cloud, the Messaging Workbench™ has a Web services API for the exchange of data with content management systems and sales enablement platforms.

Connect with us

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