The Messaging Workbench™ is a highly flexible and customizable cloud platform for capturing persona and other customer information and developing customer-centric value propositions and messaging.
BPM consultants use the Messaging Workbench day-to-day in their work with customers. We also license the Messaging Workbench as a cloud platform for internal marketing teams to use themselves to search for messaging and build deliverables.

Insights capture

  • Supports any level of customer segmentation and business activity definition
  • Allows you to create a library of personas and associate them with one or more customer segments and business activities
  • Has fully customizable screens to support the capture of any type of customer and persona information

Messaging development

  • Provides customizable workflows to support the messaging development process
  • Allows you to build value propositions at the level of the individual persona
  • Supports competitive analysis and the development of tactics and arguments to differentiate

Deliverables creation

  • Provides customizable workflows to support the writing of content for end deliverables using insights and messaging held in the database
  • Automatically generates Word documents and PowerPoint files to share content with creative teams
  • Auto-generates sales tools such as Persona Profiles in PowerPoint
Built on .NET and running in the Microsoft Azure cloud, the Messaging Workbench™ has a Web services API for integration with content management and sales enablement systems.