Messaging and Marketing Deliverables

From insights to content

We take companies rapidly from customer insights to powerful messaging by persona, to drive successful marketing campaigns and sales engagement.

Structured methodology

Our systematic Proposition Mapping™ process brings science to the art of developing a compelling story.

Output is captured in our Messaging Workbench™ cloud platform as work proceeds – supporting real-time collaboration between stakeholders in product management, marketing and sales, across multiple locations.

Expert facilitation

Our seasoned consultants are experts in workshop facilitation and our industry knowledge means we bring new insights and ideas to the table.

Messaging strategy

The deliverable from this work is a Messaging Strategy – the approved source of customer insights and go-to-market messages for the development of marketing materials, digital content, sales toolkits etc.

The use of an agreed Messaging Strategy ensures go-to-market messages are focused and consistent across all channels.

Web and other digital content

We write content for Web sites and digital campaigns, based on the Messaging Strategies we have developed for companies.

Customer facing materials

We design and create brochures, fact sheets, infographics, white papers, PowerPoint decks, case studies and other materials to support the conversation with customers.

Everything is based on a signed-off Messaging Strategy so customers get a consistent message across all channels.

Videos and Webinars

We design, write scripts and manage the production of video content to support lead gen campaigns and sales enablement.

We develop the topics, programs and talking points for Webinars.

"We take the Messaging Strategies developed with BPM as the starting point for white papers, advertising and marketing campaigns, and sales engagement materials. As a result we get consistency across all the channels we use”.

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