Case Study


Penetrating accounts with additional products and Services


  • Global leader in banking software and services
  • Broad product and services portfolio

Business challenge

Traditionally at this Company, sales people had focused on selling individual product lines. Senior management wanted to equip sales people with the knowledge to position and sell a broader range of products and services to provide more complete solutions to the challenges banks face.

The range of products and services the company now had, provided the opportunity to sell complete business solutions valued at $5M+.


The company engaged BPM to capture the necessary knowledge and develop a set of sales tools. First, BPM worked with subject matter experts within the Business to gather insights into European banking markets, a deep understanding of the specific buyers to target, and the most pressing business issues banks faced at the time.

Based on this foundation, BPM then developed a broad Transactions Solutions proposition that brought together related products and services to deliver comprehensive solutions to the challenges banks face in payments, card operations, fraud and risk. A set of market and customer insights, capability highlights, value propositions, top points of differentiation plus elevator pitch were then compiled to create a go-to-market Messaging Strategy.

Finally, BPM created an in-depth guide to selling Transaction Solutions to impart this knowledge to sales people, along with a brochure and customizable presentation deck.

Benefits delivered

  1. Sales teams now have the knowledge to be more effective in developing and selling business solutions that comprise multiple products and services
  2. The size of deals sales people are now able to offer has increased
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