‘Personas’ offer the potential to re-write the rules for enterprise software development

Robin Griffiths

For product managers developing enterprise software, mapping and analyzing the critical workflows for different types of users and understanding how these support the broader business processes in a particular industry is a given. However, introducing a standardized set of ‘Personas’ across all segments served by the Business offers the potential to re-write the rules for enterprise software development.

Many large enterprise software vendors are rationalizing their product suites down to a single, strategic platform. But getting savings in development and support costs from this depends on being able to share product components across multiple applications and markets.

Using a standard set of personas allows product strategy teams to look across different industry segments to identify common or similar personas / workflows / business activities that could be supported by a single product or software module. The opportunity is to rationalize development costs by creating one set of flexible product modules that can be configured to serve similar users and workflows in different industries.

The question is how do you track and make sense of all the information you need to capture and organize?

Robin Griffiths

Specialist in proposition development and creator of the Proposition Mapping™ methodology. Robin's career includes Founder and CEO of Force12 Software, and Director of Cambridge Consulting Engineers.