Sales Enablement

Design and selection of Sales Enablement platforms

The team at BPM has years of experience in designing systems and tools to support sales people in their interactions and communications with customers.

We leverage the knowledge we’ve gained to help companies make the right decisions in the implementation of new Sales Enablement platforms. Our work includes:

  • Capturing and understanding sales communication workflows along the sales process
  • Identifying opportunities for process improvement
  • Specifying system requirements
  • Qualifying and selecting vendors

Guided selling and digital playbooks

We create selling guides that equip sales people with insights into the customer’s business, personas and their challenges, questions to ask, value propositions and points of differentiation, objection handling, strengths, weaknesses and myth busting for competitors etc.

Guides are organised by persona and stage in the sales process, making it easy for sales people to create targeted communications and prepare for meetings with specific decision maker and influencer roles.

Guides can be delivered in pdf form or as interactive HTML5 playbooks hosted on a Sales Enablement platform.

Sales toolkits

Our team includes enterprise sales veterans who truly understand what sales people want from Marketing to support their conversations with customers.

We have proven designs for a range of sales tools including:

  • Proposition fast facts
  • Infographics
  • In-depth guides to selling a proposition
  • Situation sell sheets which include Reasons to call
  • PowerPoint decks for various points in the sales process
  • Competitor knock-out guides

Learning materials

We develop content for learning programs including:

  • Market trends and drivers to initiate consultative conversations
  • Insights into typical customer challenges and opportunities by industry and persona
  • Questions to ask
  • Matching value propositions to communicate
  • Objection handling

Sales workshops

Our deep involvement in the capture and understanding of customer challenges and the mapping of products to develop value propositions, means we are uniquely equipped to design and lead workshop style training sessions for sales and sales support teams.

Competitor analysis and knock-out tools

We undertake competitor analysis and develop unique tools that enable sales people to dispel the myths that sometimes develop around competitor capabilities, and have conversations with customers that knock-out competitors.

"We got real engagement with sales. BPM helped us develop a powerful set of messages, sales tools and sales workshops for the hedge funds team."

Product Manager, Global Content and Technology Company