Sales Enablement Tools

Sales enablement content

Perhaps more than 50% of the materials produced by marketing teams never get used by sales.

The team at BPM has years of experience in developing content and designing tools to support sales people in their interactions and communications with customers.

All sales enablement content is built on a solid foundation of customer insights and focused value propositions delivered through our Proposition Mapping™ process.

Digital playbooks and guided selling

We create Digital Playbooks that guide sales people through a best practice sales process, using the content and methods that are known to accelerate sales.

These interactive HTML5 apps align and filter the appropriate insights, propositions and customer-facing material with the stages of the sales process, the target buyer, and the type of opportunity.

Digital Playbooks have the power to institutionalize a better way of selling across the sales force.

Sales toolkits

Our team includes enterprise sales veterans who truly understand what sales people want to support their conversations with customers.

We have proven designs for a range of sales tools.

Competitor analysis and knock-out guides

We undertake competitor analysis and develop unique tools that enable sales people to dispel the myths that sometimes develop around competitor capabilities, and have conversations with customers that knock-out competitors.

"We got real engagement with sales. BPM helped us develop a powerful set of messages, sales tools and sales workshops for the hedge funds team."

Product Manager, Global Content and Technology Company

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