Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement Platforms

Perhaps more than 50% of the materials produced by marketing teams never get used by sales. The biggest issue is being able to easily find the right content.

The team at BPM has years of experience in designing systems and tools to support sales people in their interactions and communications with customers.

We help companies make the right decisions in the implementation of new Sales Enablement Platforms.

Guided selling and digital playbooks

We create guided selling playbooks that equip sales people with the critical chunks of knowledge they need to successfully interact with customers at different points along the sale.

Playbooks are organised by stage in the sales process, making it easy for sales people to access just-in-time learning for the call, meeting or communication they are focused on now.

Guides can be delivered in pdf form or as interactive HTML5 playbooks hosted on a Sales Enablement platform.

Sales toolkits

Our team includes enterprise sales veterans who truly understand what sales people want from Marketing to support their conversations with customers.

We have proven designs for a range of sales tools.

Competitor analysis and knock-out tools

We undertake competitor analysis and develop unique tools that enable sales people to dispel the myths that sometimes develop around competitor capabilities, and have conversations with customers that knock-out competitors.

"We got real engagement with sales. BPM helped us develop a powerful set of messages, sales tools and sales workshops for the hedge funds team."

Product Manager, Global Content and Technology Company