Getting more from Cloud relationships
with Telcos

Top 3 challenges faced by Cloud vendors

Challenge 1 - We are failing to explain how our product will create a proposition for the Telecoms Operator.

Challenge 2 - We have a deal with a Telco but aren’t generating much revenue.

Challenge 3 - We aren’t generating enough end user demand for our Cloud solution.

Are you driving the most value from your Telco relationships?

Ask yourself six questions...

Do you understand how Telcos make decisions on the selection of partner products?

Do you have enough insight into what the Telecoms Operators are really looking for?


Are you clear on your value proposition for the Telco (not just the end users of your product)?

Can you paint a picture of how the Telco will use your product to help them achieve their objectives? Do you know what the Telco’s objectives are?


Do you have a marketing program designed to build awareness of your product within your Telco partner?

If people in marketing and sales at the Telco aren’t aware of the partnering deal, you won’t get any bandwidth from them.


Are the sales people within your Telco partner equipped with the right messages and materials to sell your product?

Are you making it easy for sales people to give your product their attention – as opposed to something else they may find easier to sell?


Are you updating your messaging and materials often enough?

With monthly contracts and new competitors emerging all the time, are you continually updating your message to keep it fresh and ensure end consumers don’t switch off?


How does the content you develop for Digital Campaigns for awareness and demand generation differ from the content you traditionally use in fact sheets, presentation decks and product Web pages?

Lead generation in an ‘Inbound world’ requires content that engages and informs not marketing advertorial that presents and positions products.

Get practical tips and hints on how to get more from Telco relationships.