11 Step Guide to Messaging

Capturing customer insights and building compelling messages

Methodology for Insights and Messaging

The key to messaging success is getting access to the customer insights that lie inside the heads of subject matter experts within your firm – and then developing compelling value propositions tightly focused on the challenges customers face.

11 Step Guide

This guide from BPM provides a proven methodology for capturing customer insights and developing great messaging.
Capturing and Validating Customer Insights
Step 1
Put the stakeholder team together
Step 2
Specify the market and customer insights to be captured
Step 3
Determine the personas and workflows to be addressed
Step 4
Identify and recruit customers for research
Step 5
Build a customer insights hypothesis
Step 6
Run customer insights workshops and one-on-one sessions
Step 7
Validate insights with a small group of customers
Step 8
Update insights based on feedback from customers
Mapping the Proposition
Step 9
Mine existing materials to prepare potential value propositions
Step 10
Run proposition mapping workshops and one-on-one sessions
Developing Marketing and Sales Ready Messages
Step 11
Produce Messaging Framework document and get sign off from stakeholders
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Methodology for capturing customer insights and building compelling messages