Building a Key
Account Dashboard

How to obtain account level transparency to drive results

Business intelligence tools, such as Microsoft Power BI and Salesforce Tableau, make it easier and quicker to build dashboards and reports that bring together information from different systems.

But how do you go about designing and building an Account Dashboard for your business? What information is critical? How do you access the data from multiple systems and bring it together? What should the user experience look like and how should the UI work?

If you want answers to these questions and a lot more, download this How to Guide.

  1. What information can you bring together in a key account dashboard?
  2. Designing your account dashboard
  3. How to connect to the data held in different systems
  4. Building the data model
  5. Creating the dashboard user experience
  6. Practical tips and hints on using Power BI
Download the Guide
Practical and detailed guidance on building an account dashboard using Microsoft Power BI.