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Fintech strategic messaging and rebranding

Lucido turned to BPM Works and Salmerón& Co. to build out the company’s strategic messaging and branding –positioning the company for growth in its core business and expansion into software solutions.

Highlights of the solution:

  • Fractional CMO to scope requirements and lead the rebranding effort
  • Build-out of compelling messaging for target segments and personas
  • Development of brand strategy and creation of brand identity design including logo, style guide and branded templates
  • Creation of website and content that reflects that new brand identity

“We had a key deliverable for investors for a re-branding and what I loved about working with Paul and Jose was that they brought fantastic expertise and were great listeners. As a firm that is growing quickly, we did not have a lot of time. They were exceptionally capable and, at the end, our investors were quite pleased as well” says Sean Kilpatrick, CEO, Lucido

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Revenue growth

Digital Playbook and Bigtincan rolled out by LexisNexis Intelligize to drive growth strategy

“Within 6 weeks of roll-out, we had closed a deal specifically as a result of an insight and value message the sales person found in the Digital Playbook.”

Vice President Marketing, Intelligize

Sales acceleration campaign rolled out by DHL to 3,000 sales people globally

“We really wanted to differentiate ourselves in the market and drive Ocean Freight awareness and sales. Delivering consistency across 150 countries and territories is a major challenge and one we rose to with ‘Sea it, sell it’. With BPM Works and StR, we not only delivered on the promise, we have created a blueprint for future global marketing campaigns.”

Global Head of Marketing, DHL Global Forwarding

Persona and industry vertical programs

Implementing personas in Enterprise B2B at Clarivate Analytics

“We needed to find a way to implement Personas as part of our transition from thinking about products to creating industry propositions, which are based on the Lifecycle of Innovation at our customers. The BPM process and platform enabled us to do this.”

Global Head of Marketing, Clarivate Analytics

Messaging and sales tools based on a persona view of customers

This multi-billion dollar business data supplier had developed a new market segmentation that included not just industry sectors but also buyer types e.g. Managing Director, Financial Director, Director of Operations.

The challenge was to put together the value propositions and messaging for the new segmentation and create the necessary supporting tools for telesales and field sales.

Vertical content and materials for financial services sectors

The European arm of this global telecommunications company already had a large number of financial services firms as customers but enjoyed relatively low share of wallet and saw the opportunity to penetrate the sector more deeply.

However, selling a wider range of products more successfully against the competition required a greater understanding of customer challenges in the very different sub-sectors within financial services.

Moving from products to solutions

Solution propositions drive increased market penetration for Thomson Reuters

“This approach enabled us finally to crack the problem of engaging with a huge range of people across the company to develop a consistent and powerful set of messages for hedge funds – and then get real engagement with the sales teams.”

Marketing Proposition Manager, Hedge Fund Solutions, Thomson Reuters

Creating joined-up stories for 3 businesses and multiple product lines

The Company had recently made a number of strategic acquisitions in the energy and agribusiness space. As part of the on-going integration program, there was a requirement to present joined-up stories to customers across three go-to-market verticals.

There was also a pressing need to combine 3 different customer facing Websites into one site, to bring together and present the different product lines as a series of solutions.

Launching new products and service lines

Market and customer insights, and messaging for new trading service

This multinational firm was looking to increase the footprint for its trading network by introducing a new service on its existing platform.

However, the Equities trading space is crowded with a number of incumbents providing similar services.

Upsell and cross-sell

Penetrating accounts with additional products and services

Traditionally at this Company, sales people had focused on selling individual product lines. Senior management wanted to equip sales people with the knowledge to position and sell a broader range of products and services to provide more complete solutions for customers.

Defending revenues and displacing competitor products

This global leader in market data and tools had recently launched a new desktop and mobile platform to serve capital markets professionals. The new platform was designed to replace a range of existing and well established legacy products from the Company, and also displace competitor products in certain market segments.

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