Case Study


Sales acceleration campaign rolled out to 3,000 sales people globally


  • DHL Global Forwarding (DGF)
  • Operates from over 150 countries and territories
  • Standardized logistics operations to multi-modal transport solutions to highly individualized industrial projects
  • World’s second largest provider of Ocean Freight

Business challenge

DGF saw an opportunity to improve win rates and strengthen revenues by equipping sales people with deeper knowledge of the challenges their customers face in Ocean Freight, and more compelling value propositions and points of differentiation versus competitors. The challenge was to develop a comprehensive campaign and launch it to 3,000 sales people within 6 weeks.


Proposition Mapping and Messaging Strategy

The initiative started with a creative brainstorm to develop branding and themes followed by workshops to gain an understanding of the ‘top of mind’ challenges for logistics and purchase directors. These were then validated through customer interviews and mapped against DGF capabilities. Gaining access to the right people quickly was key.

Value propositions and go-to-market messaging were then developed using BPM’s Proposition Mapping™ methodology.

Sales Collateral and Tools

A teaser video was created to engage Sales Teams in the campaign, which was called ‘Sea it, sell it’. A detailed Sales Guide supported new sales calls and provided insights and value propositions for pitching Ocean Freight products. All tools (Sales Guide, eBriefings, webinars and POWERsession® Leader Guides for 380 Sales Leaders) were loaded onto a self-paced learning portal created for DGF.

Global Sales Execution

Strategy to Revenue’s innovative POWERsession® multi-media driven workshops were used to equip, motivate and mobilize Sales Teams around the Ocean Freight propositions. The critical element here is that POWERsessions® are delivered and led by local Sales Leaders who receive a complete multi-media package, including an interactive on screen presentation, supporting presenter-led video, video interviews with key stakeholders, team activities and a simple, yet comprehensive, Leader Guide to run the session.

Benefits delivered

  1. 24.5% Ocean Freight pipeline increase
  2. 98% campaign engagement with sales leaders and their teams worldwide
  3. 6.1% growth in Q3 (market leading)

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