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We love to share knowledge and exchange ideas with customers. Please browse the links below and download the guides, tools and templates we’ve shared. But don’t forget to give us your feedback and let us know if you have ideas for other materials you’d like to see posted here!

Building a Key Account Dashboard

Business intelligence tools, such as Microsoft Power BI and Salesforce Tableau, make it easier and quicker to build dashboards and reports that bring together information from different systems.

But how do you go about designing and building an Account Dashboard for your business? What information is critical? How do you access the data from multiple systems and bring it together? What should the user experience look like and how should the UI work?

If you want answers to these questions and a lot more, download this How to Guide.

Sales Execution Capability Framework

BPM provides tools, a workshop process, and seasoned experts who will work with your sales teams to assess current capabilities across 15 key performance areas and identify what may be holding back performance.

You can download extracts from the deck we use to run Capability Assessment Workshops to get a sense of the BPM approach and the value it could bring in highlighting areas for change within your organization.

Elevate your Business Messaging SKO Workshop Package

Everyone wants their sales teams to have business issue and value led conversations with customers, but generic skills training often fails to deliver results.

BPM offers ‘Elevate your Business Messaging’ as a half day package to be dropped into your Annual Sales Meeting.

Using Value to Win the Annual Price Increase

For many businesses, the Price Increase typically represents a significant portion of revenue targets for the year. Account Managers are expected to provide great service, cross sell, upsell, maximize usage AND deliver the annual price increase.

This guide discusses the importance of building a formal retention process into your ongoing account management activities, and provides practical information on how to do it.

Developing the proposition story with (still remote!) subject matter experts

The key to messaging success is getting access to the customer insights that lie inside the heads of subject matter experts in your company – and then developing compelling value propositions tightly focused on the challenges customers face.

BPM Works has developed a best practice methodology based on what we’ve learned across hundreds of projects for some of the world’s largest technology and content companies. We’ve now published this as a ‘How to Guide’ for marketing professionals.

Using MS Teams and Slack for Sales Collaboration and Driving Growth

When you know the salespeople you are onboarding will forget 87% of what they learn within a month, anything to reinforce and refresh their knowledge at the point of engagement with customers will shorten time to 100% quota attainment.

BPM works closely with marketing and product management teams, to create Interactive Playbooks that provide guidance on what to ask, say and do at each step in the sales process, for a given product and proposition.

Sales Manager Planning

Lack of planning by sales managers often holds back success in delivering against the Growth Plan.

This guide discusses the challenges faced by sales managers in planning, and practical steps to improve plans and their execution to support growth.

How to Guide: 11 Steps to Creating Messaging

The key to messaging success is getting access to the customer insights that lie inside the heads of subject matter experts within your firm – and then developing compelling value propositions tightly focused on the challenges customers face.

BPM Works has developed a methodology which we have published as an 11 Step Guide to capturing customer insights and developing great messaging – based on what we’ve learned across hundreds of projects on behalf of technology and content companies.

Financial Services Segments and Personas

Financial Services markets provide tremendous opportunities for enterprise solutions. But the industry is complex and requires a detailed understanding of target organizations and personas. This go-to-market guide provides valuable insights into the different Financial Services sectors for product marketing, sales enablement, and learning teams.

Based on insights aggregated across hundreds of projects with companies like Thomson Reuters / Refinitiv, ICE Data Services, LexisNexis, and Lumen / CenturyLink, it covers:

  • Target Segments (31 organization types)
  • Key Personas (59 vertical specific and enterprise roles

Scaling Case Study Programs

Everyone recognizes the importance of Case Studies. Providing an in-depth explanation of your customer’s strategy, the challenges they were facing, and the value your product or service delivered to them is very compelling to buyers.

However, getting Case Study programs up and running, and continuing to deliver great content on a regular basis, requires considerable time and effort.

Download our Guide to Delivering Case Studies, which sets out an approach and gives guidance on how to build a world-class case study program. You can also contact us for free access to our complete Case Study Toolkit.

Take a look at the future of sales playbooks

Sales Playbooks can be really valuable tools but are typically delivered as PDF’s with lots of text that’s hard to navigate, making it difficult for salespeople to find what they need. Also there’s no interactivity or video content, so salespeople are less likely to engage.

Interactive Sales Playbooks from BPM provide a new and compelling way to onboard salespeople and get them selling a specific product or proposition in less time.

How to Guide: Sales Playbooks

In this practical guide you will find advice on how to structure and create sales playbooks that salespeople turn to week in, week out – to get ideas, insights, questions to ask, value messages, differentiation, and objection handling to keep opportunities moving forward through the sales process.

Are your salespeople equipped to retain revenue and secure the price increase?

Retention of annuity business is rapidly becoming a top concern, as Covid-19 continues to negatively impact the economy.

BPM Works has pulled together insights and practical resources to help you deliver higher retention rates and better performance on up-sell / cross-sell and in securing price increases.

Building a database of selling insights and messages

Get access to your personal instance of the Messaging Workbench, pre-populated with insights into Financial Services markets.

BPM Retention Capability Framework

The BPM Framework enables companies to benchmark their existing retention capabilities against the best practices used by some of the world’s leading corporations.

By undertaking a retention assessment using this Framework, sales leaders can systematically examine existing account retention processes and tools, score sales team readiness, and base decisions on where to focus improvement efforts using data from the field.

Implementing Personas in Enterprise B2B

The pandemic has limited the ability to get face time with customers, making it even harder to get traction in those early exploratory meetings.

So now is a good time to revisit your work on Personas. The imperative is to help sales people understand the person they’re calling and to anticipate some of their business challenges and opportunities.

Based on over a decade working with enterprise B2B companies building Persona based resources, we’ve developed a best practice approach and templates for marketing teams to use, to capture Persona content and share it with salespeople.

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