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Take a look at the future of sales playbooks

Interactive Sales Playbooks from BPM Works provide a new and compelling way to onboard sales people and get them selling a specific product or proposition in less time.

Interactive Sales Playbooks can transform the way you equip people with the knowledge they need to sell a particular proposition.

Are your salespeople equipped to retain revenue and secure the price increase?

Retention of annuity business is rapidly becoming a top concern, as Covid-19 continues to negatively impact the economy.

BPM Works has pulled together insights and practical resources to help you deliver higher retention rates and better performance on price increase and up-sell / cross-sell.

Building a database of selling insights and messages

Get access to your personal instance of the Messaging Workbench, pre-populated with insights into Financial Services markets.

Implementing Personas in Enterprise B2B

What do sales people want from Personas?

The B2C heritage of the ‘Persona’ movement means there’s a lot of focus on the creation of realistic profiles for fictitious people with a photo of a person (licensed from a photo library), their age, marital status, number of children, type of dog (only joking) and so on. The thinking is this will bring the persona to life.

However, this kind of ‘what the person is like’ information generally doesn’t cut it with sales people selling to large organizations.

Developing Great Content for Inbound Marketing

A couple of years ago ‘Inbound’ was being hailed as the future – to reach new customers and generate leads. However, many Inbound programs have failed to deliver results that match the hype. So what are the secrets to Inbound success?

Personas Case Study

At the start of the year, the Intellectual Property and Science (IP&S) business of Thomson Reuters introduced a new, holistic way to think about customers and their business activities – The Lifecycle of Innovation.

The next step was to embed the Lifecycle of Innovation in the way product managers, marketing and sales people think about customers and get them to start learning about the different and new ‘Personas’ they need to address across this Lifecycle.

Implementing Personas in Capital Markets

How do Personas help sales people selling into Capital Markets?

Hedge Fund Managers, Junior Bankers, Sell-side Research Analysts all have one thing in common – a very low tolerance for conversations that don’t add value. In Capital Markets, sales people need to arrive at meetings equipped with insights into the latest trends and drivers in their customers’ markets along with ideas on how to solve the business challenges and opportunities they may face.

Getting more from Cloud relationships with Telcos

The growth of Cloud services in the Telecoms sector presents both huge opportunity and significant danger to companies offering software and other services via the Cloud.

Building Markets with Point Blank Economics

What initiatives can open growth, reduce long sales cycles and accelerate your business?

Find inspiration for your 2017 business plans.

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