Case Study


Market and customer insights, and messaging for new trading service


  • Global capital markets information and technology vendor
  • Desktops, FIX connectivity and trading solutions for equities trading

Business challenge

This multinational firm was looking to increase the footprint for its trading network by introducing a new service on its existing platform. However, the Equities trading space is crowded with a number of incumbents providing similar services.

The imperative for the Company was to get a precise understanding of how recent developments in Equities markets are creating new challenges and opportunities for participants on the Buy-side and Sell-side. And then test the value customers in different target segments would see in addressing these challenges/opportunities using the new platform.

The Company faced the further challenge of market perception – the product category concerned was seen as being in decline and the brand the Company used for this line of business was seen as ‘legacy’ and not innovative.


The first step in the project was for BPM to undertake an analysis of the market landscape and other offerings available to customers. BPM then constructed a hypothesis for the top of mind challenges and opportunities seen by customers in the identified target markets and then led workshops with business and product managers, sales people and marketing managers to test and refine this.

Segmentation work was then done to identify target customer groups on the Buy-side. A number of traders from each target customer group were then recruited for the primary customer research. BPM prepared materials to support research calls and then undertook the research interviews with traders to test, validate and augment the hypothesis for customer challenges and opportunities.

The output from this work formed the foundation for the go-to-market positioning and messaging for the new service which was also developed by BPM.

Benefits delivered

  1. Granular understanding of the new challenges and opportunities faced by target customers as a result of recent market developments
  2. Confidence in the value customers would see from the new service
  3. Clarity over the segments on the Buy-side to target with the new proposition
  4. Messaging and branding that repositioned the service in the correct category and emphasized its unique value

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