Retention Capability

Framework and Tools

Framework and tools for assessing sales team readiness to retain existing revenues

The BPM Framework enables companies to benchmark their existing retention capabilities against the best practices used by some of the world’s leading corporations. By undertaking a retention assessment using the Framework sales leaders can:
  1. Systematically examine existing account retention processes and tools, and judge how they are being applied in practice
  2. Score sales team readiness to retain business in 10 key areas
  3. Base decisions on where to focus improvement efforts, using data from the field
In the Factsheet you will learn about:
  • Contract lifecycle stages and retention activities
  • 10 components of Retention Capability
  • Retention Readiness Scores
  • How to get access to the framework and tools
Download the Retention Capability Framework Factsheet
Learn more about the BPM Framework and how you can use it and the accompanying tools to assess the readiness of your sales teams to retain existing business.