Case Study


Solution propositions drive increased market penetration


  • Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk
  • Comprehensive markets and financial information, decision support tools and services
  • Serving banks, asset managers, hedge funds, research firms, commodities/energy companies and a wide range of other businesses

Business challenge

The tightening of regulations following the financial crash has provided Thomson Reuters with a huge opportunity to sell additional solutions to hedge funds to address the challenges they now face.

However, these firms typically have the most knowledgeable and demanding buyers in financial services. To take advantage of this opportunity, Thomson Reuters not only had to ensure hedge fund decision makers were aware of the breadth of solutions the Company could now provide, but sales people also had to be able to clearly articulate how these solutions deliver value and why they are different.


Proposition and Messaging Development

Thomson Reuters engaged BPM to run a series of workshops with the relevant stakeholders in London and New York to rapidly gather the required knowledge and develop the value propositions. BPM’s Proposition Mapping™ methodology and Messaging Workbench™ platform enabled the various team members to work together efficiently and minimized the need for travel.

From the workshops and taking input from existing materials provided by the Company, BPM developed a Messaging Strategy for the Thomson Reuters Hedge Fund solution propositions.

Marketing and Sales Support Materials

In the second stage of the project, BPM developed a comprehensive set of solution style marketing and sales support materials based on the Messaging Strategy. The sales kit includes:

Hedge Fund Brochure – setting out the overall Thomson Reuters proposition for the hedge fund industry, articulated around the key components of workflow.

Investment Approach Factsheets – articulating the Thomson Reuters proposition for hedge funds running a particular investment approach.

Sales Guides – in-depth guides for sales people setting out the alternative investment industry landscape, current market themes and drivers, how the market is segmented (size of firm, number of years in operation, investment approach etc), the key decision makers and the business challenges they face, the available Thomson Reuters solutions, how they deliver value, and reasons to choose Thomson Reuters.

Benefits delivered

  1. Generated $2M in annual revenue opportunities
  2. 800% return on investment for Thomson Reuters

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