Take a look at the future
of Sales Playbooks

Interactive Sales Playbooks

Sales Playbooks can be really valuable tools but are typically delivered as PDF’s with lots of text that’s hard to navigate, making it difficult for salespeople to find what they need. Also there’s no interactivity or video content, so salespeople are less likely to engage.

Interactive Sales Playbooks from BPM provide a new and compelling way to onboard salespeople and get them selling a specific product or proposition in less time.

Designed to run on laptop, iPad and phone, these easy to navigate tools equip salespeople with the knowledge they need on:
  • Insights into industries and markets that can start customer conversations
  • Examples of probing questions to ask
  • Opportunities and challenges by use case and persona to engage prospects
  • Elevator pitches to position your company as potentially offering something of value
  • Videos featuring senior executives and top sales performers
  • Value messages and points of differentiation
  • Objection handling and intelligence to win deals against competitors
Try out an Interactive Playbook
Click the button to be taken directly to an example Sales Playbook built in HTML5, and explore the interactive, multimedia learning content.