Using MS Teams and
Slack for Sales
Collaboration and
Driving Growth

Critical insights on how to use and maximize value from MS Teams and Slack integrated with Salesforce to drive growth

In this Research Note you will find the results from in-depth conversations with 10 sales and business leaders who, combined, have 200+ years of experience spanning global B2B enterprises to rapid growth start-ups.

The Research Note covers:
  • Market developments in digital collaboration
  • Digital support for team working in selling
  • Chat and posts to team notice boards
  • Document storage, sharing and collaboration
  • Task lists
  • Video conferencing
  • Integration with other work execution platforms
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Sales enablement
Download the Research Note
Get valuable insights from sales leaders on how to improve remote collaboration on Key Accounts and Win Plans, and how to improve management visibility on leading indicators of sales performance.