Every sales journey starts with a great conversation
Selling knowledge, digital playbooks and learning for sales enablement
What holds back success in insight led and value based selling?

Lack of knowledge on target personas and their challenges

Inadequate preparation before calls and meetings

Continuing to sell product features instead of value

Not customizing sales messages for the individual deal

Here’s a new way to power up sales performance…
Selling Knowledge
Build a database of selling insights and messages

We have a team of experts and a unique Messaging Workbench™ platform for capturing and developing the knowledge required to sell solution propositions.

Working with BPM, you capture customer insights from the best people across the business, accurately and at pace.

Our Proposition Mapping™ process enables the creation of questions to ask, value propositions and points of differentiation, with laser focus on the personas you target.

Sales Enablement
Arm the team for insight-led selling

Our interactive Digital Playbooks give sales people instant access to your company’s database of selling knowledge on their phone, iPad and laptop – with ground-breaking tools to prepare for customer calls and meetings.

Add in microlearning and a Presentation Explainer™ and move the needle on value-based selling performance.

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