Elevate your Business
Workshop Package

Hand-on insights and messaging sessions for Sales Kick-offs

Everyone wants their sales teams to learn how to have the right business conversations with customers and to practice them. But how do you design hands-on sessions that get salespeople working together to develop insights and messages for actual deals in their pipelines?

Elevate your Business Messaging is a half day intervention designed to be customized for your company and then dropped into your planned SKO or run as a separate workshop.

With a detailed lesson plan, step-by-step instructions for facilitators and insights and messaging tools for your propositions, deliver an SKO session with real impact!

  1. Insights from your top sales performers captured on video
  2. Hands on sessions that get salespeople working on insights and messages for real deals in their pipelines
  3. Tools that equip salespeople with example insights and messages to adapt and use with customers
  4. Coaching for facilitators in advance, and built-in video host to ensure successful delivery
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Packaged SKO workshop sessions, for salespeople to practice insight and value led conversations with customers, for your propositions.