BPM and edge2 partner to deliver sales programs that combine best practice selling skills with essential selling knowledge

05 July 2019

LONDON, UK – June 26, 2019BPM Works Limited, the selling knowledge and digital playbook company, today announced that it has signed a partnership deal with edge2, the value selling, key account management and sales leadership specialists.

Under the deal, edge2 will deliver sales enablement programs that combine the firm’s proven consultative selling methods with BPM’s groundbreaking Digital Playbook app. These solutions will equip sales people with a combination of ‘ready-to-speak’ customer insights and value messages, call and meeting preparation tools that run inside Salesforce as well as best practice value selling skills.

Robin Griffiths, CEO of BPM commented: “We are excited about the partnership with edge2 which has the potential to really move the needle on the adoption of best practice sales behaviors.”

The team at edge2 has extensive experience in developing sales capabilities with global corporations down to SMEs, including start-ups. The firm has offices in Germany and the US and works internationally.

“At edge2 we love driving individuals and teams to confront what is obstructing higher performance. We help them to push against these obstacles and break through. Combining our programs with the right selling knowledge and interactive digital playbooks will enhance a sales person’s ability to create the impact that closes deals,” said Mark Garrod, Director at edge2.

About BPM Works

BPM provides expert services and a platform to build databases of the knowledge required to sell a company’s products and services as solution propositions. We offer a Digital Playbook app and microlearning programs to make this knowledge available to sales people and embed it in the way they work. For more information visit www.bpmworks.com.

About edge2

edge2 is a sales and leadership development company that improves the performance of individuals and teams. Their distinctive mindset2skillset approach helps people to build the mental toughness necessary to overcome significant adversity and then equips them with the right skills to succeed in a modern business environment. For more information visit www.edge2.pro.

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